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Paige Leger is a graduate of DeQuincy High School, and a long-time resident of the DeQuincy area.  She is a graduate of University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and graduate from Lamar University with a Master of Education degree in Digital Learning and Leading.  In the fall of 2022, Paige obtained an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration degree from Purdue University Global. In her spare time, Paige enjoys spending time with her children, and grandchildren.  She and her family also enjoy traveling as much as possible.  

Founder and Director of Academics


Toby Leger has an Associate's of Arts in Business from Western University.  Toby has been and continues to be a leader in Southwest Louisiana.  He has been actively involved in many projects and committees, including the Workforce Development Board and Beauregard Parish 4-H.  In 2011, Toby won the Volunteer of the Year Award from the SWLA Business Alliance.  

Director of Operations


DeQuincy: High School Math and Grammar Teacher

Joan Friend is a graduate of DeRidder High School, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education from Louisiana College, and is a homeschooling mother.  As a certified math teacher, she has taught 7th through 12th grade math classes in Rapides and Vernon Parishes, as well as a college level algebra class for Texas Community College.  Joan has been at De Beau Microschool since January of 2017 where she teaches math and English to 7th through 12th grade students.  She loves watching her students grow in their confidence, knowledge, and abilities.  When she is not working, Joan enjoys church activities, crocheting, reading, playing games, and solving puzzles.

Amy Buckles (2).jpg

Moss Bluff: Teacher 

Amy Buckles was born and raised in a small town in South Mississippi.  She and her family have lived in DeQuincy for the past nine years.  She is a graduate of Franklin County High School in Meadville, MS and attended junior college at Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS to pursue a degree in general medicine.  Before completing her college career, she decided to take time off to support her husband in his pursuit of higher education and to start a family.  Amy has been a volunteer and a substitute teacher at South Beauregard Elementary.  Amy is currently a Teacher's Apprentice at De Beau Microschool.  Amy will begin classes at UL Monroe in the fall to pursue her degree in Elementary Education. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her church, watching her children play sports, and traveling.  


Kelly Smith is a life long resident of DeQuincy and graduated from DeQuincy High School.  She attended McNeese State University as an English major before pursuing a career as a licensed massage therapist.  Kelly is a homeschooling mother and an avid reader with a passion for literacy.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family, learning new things, and being a "helper" whenever the opportunity arises.  She believes every day is a new opportunity to do something positive in our world by looking beyond ourselves and accepting the privilege of helping others.  

DeQuincy: Story Time Instructor and Teacher


DeQuincy: Teacher


DeQuincy: Teacher

Randi Spears is a lifelong resident of DeQuincy, LA. Randi is a  graduate of DeQuincy High School and Stage One Hair College. She is continuing her education at McNeese State University pursuing a Bachelors in History and Anthropology. She is married with 1 daughter, Jemma, who is a student at De Beau Microschool. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and her best friend, Kelly, the story time instructor. She also enjoys wood work, painting, reading, and Bravo reality shows. Randi's goal is to bond with each child individually and push them to their maximum potential. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is watching confidence grow in each student as skills are mastered. 

Teresa Kroger Nevells grew up in DeQuincy, Louisiana.  Teresa is a 2017 graduate of McNeese State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  Prior to graduating from McNeese, she was a paraprofessional at Deer Isle Stonington High School in Deer Isle, Maine, assisting with assignments and building rapport with the student population.  After returning to Louisiana, she became a paraprofessional at South Beauregard High School in Longville, Louisiana.  At SBHS, Teresa worked with a variety of students in the Structured Learning Center giving emotional and educational support.  At the time, the paraprofessional positions at these schools were newly created with many candidates, Teresa was selected as first choice both times. 

After graduating from McNeese, Teresa worked as a manager in retail.  Later, she became employed in an administrative role with a thriving Lake Charles business.  While there, she came to De Beau Microschool for Earth Day 2021 with seed planting kits for the school’s community garden.  Later that year, she chose to join De Beau Microschool in their mission to individually educate each student.

Teresa is an active member of her church participating with local mission projects.  She enjoys creating sketch art and videos, designing tee shirts, and singing.  Teresa also loves being with her friends on road trips or just out photographing nature.


Amanda was born in Lake Charles, but grew up in Las Vegas, where she attended College of Southern Nevada. She is currently enrolled in courses to work towards a bachelor's degree in history. Amanda has been working with children for over twenty years. When she is not working, she enjoys watching her children participate in several extra-curricular activities, and spending time with her family.

DeQuincy: Teacher

New staff members' photos and biographies will be added soon.  Stay tuned!

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