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How did De Beau Microschool begin? 

De Beau Microschool began as an idea in the fall of 2014.  Our Director of Academics, Paige Leger, was student teaching in a public school.  Prior to the student teaching position, Paige filled multiple long-term substitute positions in Beauregard Parish.  Through the years of filling long-term substitute positions and monitoring her own children's progress, she began to wonder if there was a better way to educate some children.  When offered another long-term substitute position in December of 2014, she declined.


One of her daughters, who had attended the public school since Kindergarten, had been struggling with a bullying situation.  The daughter is dyslexic, and that was what the bully targeted.  Sadly, words were no longer enough, and the bully attacked her daughter at school.  Coincidentally, that event occurred in December of 2014.  At that point, Paige Leger decided that she would homeschool her daughter.  


About the same time, a friend reached out to Paige asking if she would homeschool teach her daughter.  That friend's child was struggling with math in the public school.  That night De Beau Microschool was born.  Advertising began the next day.  In January of 2015, De Beau Microschool had its first day of class with three students.  After a month, Paige realized that teaching her own daughter pre-algebra was a challenge.  Paige began the search for a high school math teacher.   

How did De Beau Microschool get its name?

When it was decided that a business was to be formed, Paige and her husband knew that it would need a name.  Paige had some cousins that were preparing to come for a visit from France.  Louisiana has a French history.  Additionally, Paige lived in DeQuincy near Beauregard Parish.  De Beau had a French sound, so Paige used Google Translate to see what it meant.  According to Google Translate, and confirmed by her relatives, De Beau translates to beautiful or of beauty.  Micro means little.  The beautiful, little school had its name: De Beau Microschool.

As De Beau Microschool grows, will it remain "micro"?

Yes!  Paige wrote a blog post regarding that topic.  You can read that post here.   

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